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Here at Windsong Wellness, we offer high-quality therapy in the areas of Marital Family and Couple Therapy, Adolescent Therapy, Sexual Abuse Therapy, Anger Management, Eating Disorders, Gambling Addiction, Co-Dependency and other Mental Health issues. We serve the communities of the Treasure Coast. We have a dedicated team of trained professionals with over twenty years of counseling experience. This allows our therapy to go above and beyond like no other counseling center. We aim for great success with our clients. We evaluate each individual in order to fulfill their unique needs.

We will empower our clients with a presence of self-assurance, confidence and the ability to succeed, regardless of present circumstances.

Our location is serene, tranquil and peaceful. We know that our therapy is not a vacation. We work hard with our clients in a process to be successful towards re-entry into the “real” world.

In our Substance Abuse Therapy, we recognize that addiction is a family disease which affects the entire family. We strongly believe that members of a client’s family deserve the opportunity to engage in therapy, in order to overcome the wounds attached to whatever addiction is affecting their loved one. Our family therapy offers support, therapeutic environment for families to come together and begin the healing process as a family.

We have six Foundations of Recovery:

  1. Maintain motivation
  2. Cope with cravings
  3. Manage emotions
  4. Nurture healthy relationships
  5. Balance their life
  6. Live with a higher purpose


WINDSONG WELLNESS is based to build hope for a future free of addiction and any other problems holding you back. This hope is built on the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, education and spiritual discovery. We strive to develop an environment of empowerment, encouragement and support from within our program that will help to develop the tools needed to achieve long-term permanent healthy living.

Our Team will teach each individual about the disease of addiction and related issues and how to achieve lasting sobriety. Our top priority is to thoroughly understand what each client is experiencing and to develop a treatment based upon medical and clinical research, along with knowledge and experience which can help the client return to a healthy, productive and a fulfilled life.

To achieve these objectives, Windsong Wellness offers the following approach to therapy. We want to provide a therapeutic environment of motivated individuals who are committed to Recovery. Windsong Wellness has clear expectations and treatment goals that are individualized for each client. We do not believe in treating people in isolation, and because of that, we offer a variety of services.

Regardless of what type of therapy our clients are committed to, we help our clients learn to manage themselves and create healthy lifestyles, set new goals and achieve their dreams. We believe that education is the key and prevention is the goal. This process enhances the personal, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Our dedicated staff will provide help for those in need with dignity and respect.

Group, family, and individual counseling services are provided to assist our clients in their transition to an addiction free life no matter what addiction they have.

We believe our clients can overcome their challenges with therapy, guidance and support in a safe secure environment.

It is imperative to model the dignity and self-esteem which our center helps provide as building blocks to a foundation for these achievements.

As a person proceeds in life, he or she will encounter many dangerous obstacles. One of the more dangerous of these obstacles is addiction. At our center, we will provide the tools needed to face these obstacles for a productive and healthy life.

The key to this transformation will be the tools they will learn from their therapists for their new lease on life. Our structure of discipline will allow our treatment to unite our clients to re-socialization, experience healthy sober fun, deliver the highest quality therapy that respects the dignity of each person in therapy, and to be compassionate with a caring attitude. We will also achieve consistently higher levels of service by responding to each individual in a timely, professional and courteous manner.

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