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Peace is coming through the clouds

New and traditional techniques will be used to help you find your way

Welcome to Windsong Wellness

Windsong Wellness has gone to telehealth.  To schedule an appointment if you have Aetna, United Healthcare, Oscar or Oxford Insurance, please click on the following link:


To Schedule an appointment if you have Cigna, Florida Blue, Golden Rule, and Humana insurance, click on the following link:


At Windsong Wellness, we are here to help you find your way through the storms of your life. Likely, this is not the first time you may have heard this said. But, allow us to prove to you the deeds behind our words. 

We will provide a variety of services to help you find something better. Allow us to help you with your substance abuse, gambling, eating disorders, sexual abuse, trauma, codependency, and other mental health needs. We also provide services to adolescents. We provide individual, group, family, marital, and couples counseling, along with new and historically successful techniques to aid with those things holding you back. The only missing ingredient in your ability to get better is your willingness, which we will work together to help you get where you want to go.

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